Service Oriented Architecture Web Services

Building Better Service Oriented Architecture Web Services

Along with design and execution variables, a key determinant of the quality of an organization's service oriented architecture web services is the software infrastructure that underlies them. Increasingly, forward-looking enterprises are concluding that open source solutions provide the best foundation for SOA services. The advantages of open source SOA solutions are many, including:

  • Agility. Because adherence to open standards is a bedrock principle of the open source movement, using an open source platform to build and run your service oriented architecture web services ensures maximum interoperability and agility as your needs and systems change.
  • Innovation. Today, it's the open source projects that are often the most innovative and feature - rich, spurred by ideas and contributions from broad developer communities.
  • Extensibility. With an open source application integration solution driving your SOA, you have the option of lifting the hood and extending the code to meet objectives that are specific to your organization.
  • Community. The developer community around a popular open source software is a great source of ideas, advice, feedback, and plug-ins – a virtual extension of your development team.
  • Cost-effectiveness. Whether acquired directly from an open source project or from a professional provider, open source solutions for service oriented architecture web services have much lower start-up and operating costs than proprietary solutions.

Talend Delivers Superior Open Source SOA Solutions

Talend is the leading professional provider of open source solutions for service oriented architecture web services and other enterprise application integration (EAI) needs. For organizations large and small around the globe, Talend delivers:

  • The best combinations of complementary open source technologies. Talend's solutions integrate and build on popular open source software like Apache CXF and BPM. Our comprehensive SOA suite, Talend ESB, seamlessly integrates and extends several open source technologies to provide end-to-end support for designing, developing, testing, running, and managing service oriented architecture web services.
  • Testing and certification. Talend tests its solutions and the underlying technologies in a range of strenuous environments, and certifies them for mission-critical enterprise deployments.
  • Professional quality user documentation, as well as multi-modal training resources ranging from on-demand web tutorials to public or private classroom sessions.
  • Community facilitation, through platforms such as Talend Forum for sharing ideas and Talend Exchange for sharing application extensions.
  • First-rate technical support and professional services, from Talend technologists who are major contributors to CXF and other Apache open source projects. Talend can provide expert support for all phases of service oriented architecture web services implementation, from design to management and optimization.

Learn more about Talend’s application integration solutions from the many resources on this web site, or download Talend Open Studio for ESB today and start benefiting from the leading open source ESB tool.