Open Source Integration Software

Talend: The Best Choice for Open Source Integration Software

Businesses large and small are increasingly turning to open source integration software for solutions to their system integration needs. The right open source integration software can deliver greater business value than proprietary software in key areas such as cost savings, time-to-value, and the agility afforded by open standards-based systems. For organizations looking to acquire and deploy open source integration software, Talend offers the best combination of proven solutions and value-added services.

The Open Source Integration Market Leader

Talend is the leading developer and distributor of open source data integration and application integration solutions. Talend's integration software drives mission-critical integration processes at thousands of organizations around the world, from small start-ups, to government agencies, to some of the world's largest corporations. Customers credit Talend for providing low cost, easy-to-use, highly reliable open source integration software that helps them get more business value from their data and systems.

For its pioneering role in advancing the capabilities and market adoption of open source integration software, Gartner has recognized Talend as "visionary" in its analyses of the enterprise integration sector. Other recent industry recognition of Talend open source integration software includes InfoWeek's awards for Technology of the Year in 2009 and for top open source middleware in 2010; as well as the #1 ranking for 2011 from the MomentumIndex rating of open source companies.

Comprehensive Open Source Integration Software Solutions

Talend distributes fully-functional open source integration solutions that are free to download and use under GPL or Apache open source licenses; as well as subscription-based solutions that feature enterprise class functionality and dedicated technical support from Talend. Talend has solutions for all types of integration needs:

  • Talend data integration systems help organizations to design and implement processes for database migration, data replication and synchronization, data cleaning and transformation, and master data management.
  • Talend enterprise application integration (EAI) solutions help organizations to integrate heterogeneous systems into a high performance service-oriented architecture, leveraging Apache Camel, CXF, Karaf, and other leading open source technologies.

Superior Open Source Integration Resources and Services

Talend backs its open source integration software with professional quality user documentation and training resources. Talend technologists, many of whom are major contributors to Apache open source projects, test Talend's solutions exhaustively and certify them for production use. These same leading open source technologists deliver high caliber professional services and technical support to Talend enterprise customers.

Learn more about Talend’s data integration solutions from the many resources on this web site, or download Talend Open Studio for Data Integration today and start benefiting from the leading open source data integration tool.