MongoDB Hadoop

MongoDB, Hadoop technologies deliver big tools for big data.

MongoDB and Hadoop offer impressive performance, resilience and speed for any organization that wants to take advantage of big data. As the premier framework for managing big data, Hadoop provides distributed computing power that enables organizations to work easily with massive sets of enterprise data. And as a leading NoSQL database, the MongoDB architecture provides faster access to the many disparate data sources that big data projects typically have to integrate.

But while a MongoDB/Hadoop implementation can deliver a lot of power, it also presents a lot of problems. As is the case with any immature technology, a MongoDB/Hadoop deployment may strain IT resources that are already stretched. Legacy architecture and integration tools can't keep up with the high volume of data and the many new data sources that a MongoDB/Hadoop implementation will involve. And because the technologies are new, few developers have skills or familiarity with MongoDB and Hadoop.

Since most organizations lack the resources to invest in new infrastructure, train developers or hire expensive MongoDB/Hadoop experts, finding a way to manage big data technologies with existing skills and infrastructure is paramount. That's where big data software from Talend comes in.

Manage MongoDB, Hadoop easily with Talend software.

For organizations that want to work with big data technology like Hadoop and MongoDB¸ Talend provides tools that let developers integrate and manipulate massive sets of data without needing to invest in learning new skills or replacing legacy infrastructure.

Talend Big Data is an open source platform with components for big data technologies like MapReduce 2.0 (YARN), Hive, HBase, Oozie, Pig and Sqoop. Talend is certified to work with leading Hadoop distributions including Amazon EMR, Cloudera, MapR, Netezza, Hortonworks for Hadoop, and many others. And Talend's Hadoop/NoSQL connectivity makes it easy for developers to work with MongoDB and MongoDB aggregation, as well as Cassandra, Neo4J, Riak, CouchDB, Couchbase and other NoSQL databases -- without needing specific NoSQL knowledge or training.

Easy-to-use tools for MongoDB, Hadoop.

With Talend tools for MongoDB and Hadoop, developers can:

  • Pull data from any source. With more than 800 connectors out of the box, Talend enables developers to access as any data source, including NoSQL databases like MongoDB. Sources can be visually mapped to targets in an easy-to-use graphical environment, without needing to learn new skills or write complicated code.
  • Quickly transform massive data sets. With Talend, developers can analyze and perform incredibly complex transformations of massive amounts of data in very little time, relying on the skills they already possess.
  • Scale easily as the need arises. Talend makes it easy to take advantage of the massive scalability of MongoDB and Hadoop. After a big data connection is configured, Talend automatically generates the underlying code on each new big data cluster.

Learn more about Talend’s big data solutions from the many resources on this web site, or download Talend Open Studio for Big Data today and start benefiting from the leading open source big data tool.