Integrated Data Services

Why Wait to Start Building Integrated Data Services?

Integrated data services help organizations get more value from their diverse data sources by making data management processes available as portable services that applications throughout the enterprise can use on demand. While many businesses have recognized the substantial benefits of integrated data services, many have also balked at the high cost and heavy footprint of traditional proprietary solutions.

Talend, the open source integration company, helps businesses move from thinking about integrated data services to actually building them.

Talend's Integrated Data Services Solutions are Affordable

Has the high price of traditional proprietary solutions held your organization back from implementing integrated data services? Talend knocks down the cost barrier with two categories of data services solutions that deliver big benefits without a big price tag:

  • Free, open source data management solutions that you can download now and use for as long as you want under an open source license. These fully functional graphical development studios enable you to easily design and build data management processes that can be deployed as jobs, as stand-alone executables, or exposed as data management services in an existing SOA infrastructure.
  • Subscription-based open source solutions that include professional technical support from Talend and enterprise-class functionality like SOA enablement and management, team collaboration tools, user rights management, load balancing, automatic failover, and more. Talend's subscription-based integrated data services solutions costs far less than comparable proprietary solutions and are transparently priced based on the number of developer seats.

With Talend You Can Build Integrated Data Services Incrementally

With Talend there's no need to implement your entire integrated data services program all at once. Talend data services components are modular and pluggable, enabling you to prioritize certain data management objectives at the outset, and then incrementally build out your system over time. On top of a unified integrated data services platform, Talend offers modular, interoperable components for:

  • Data migration, transfer, and synchronization services.
  • Data profiling and data cleansing services.
  • Master data management and data governance.
  • Big data management (with Hadoop support).
  • Business process management.

Try Talend's Integrated Data Service Technologies Today

Affordability, ease of use, and modular extensibility have helped make Talend technologies the most widely deployed data management solutions in the world. Organizations ranging from mid-sized businesses to multinational corporations to government agencies use Talend to power data integration and data cleaning services in all kinds of IT environments.

The best way to see how Talend global data services components can benefit your own organization is to try one of our free applications. Do you have data you need to profile, transfer, or transform? A business management process that you'd like to model and optimize? Download a free Talend open source solution and put it to work.

Learn more about Talend’s data integration solutions from the many resources on this web site, or download Talend Open Studio for Data Integration today and start benefiting from the leading open source data integration tool.