Hadoop MongoDB

Hadoop, MongoDB are powering big data.

With the rise of big data, more organizations are turning to Hadoop and MongoDB to manage their data-intensive projects. Through distributed processing and massive scalability, Hadoop provides the processing power needed to manage large and diverse data sets. And as a leading NoSQL database, MongoDB delivers the performance and resilience organizations need as they mine social data, manipulate sensor analytics, monitor capital markets and use big data to drive business performance.

But deploying Hadoop and MongoDB presents a lot of challenges for today's enterprises. As new technologies, they can add considerable complexity to existing infrastructure. Legacy integration tools are often inadequate when dealing with the many new types of data involved in a Hadoop/MongoDB implementation. And few developers have training in MapReduce and other skills needed to work in the Hadoop architecture, making it difficult for organizations to implement a Hadoop/MongoDB project with confidence.

To truly get the benefits of the Hadoop and MongoDB architecture, organizations need tools that let developers manage these technologies with the skills they already have. That's where Talend can help.

Talend: easy-to-use solutions for Hadoop, MongoDB.

Talend software for big data provides organizations with a powerful solution for managing Hadoop/MongoDB deployments with the infrastructure and developers they currently have in place.

With Talend, developers can quickly connect to any data source using 800+ pre-built connectors, visually mapping data sources to targets in an easy-to-use graphical environment. Then they can manipulate and transform massive data sets with ease, using tools designed for the skills they already have. Developers can work with big data technologies like MapReduce 2.0 (YARN), HBase and Pig without needing to train in these systems. And Talend's Hadoop NoSQL connectors make it easy to manage MongoDB aggregation, and to connect to other NoSQL databases like Cassandra, CouchDB, and HBase, the native Hadoop database.

The benefits of using Talend for Hadoop and MongoDB.

Talend's big data platform provides easy-to-use tools that enable organizations to:

  • Integrate data from any source. Talend pre-built connectors make it easy to access hundreds of different types of data sources and integrate it quickly in real-time or batch.
  • Transform and analyze data quickly. Talend gives developers the tools they need to easily perform complex transformations and analyze massive data sets in very little time.
  • Work with leading Hadoop distributions. Talend components are certified to work with Hadoop distributions like Amazon EMR, Cloudera, IBM PureData, Hortonworks, MapR and others.
  • Monitor data quality. With Talend, developers can collect information and statistics about their data to monitor data quality, repurposing and metadata.
  • Administrate projects easily. An intuitive environment for administrating projects makes it easy to schedule, monitor and deploy jobs on the Hadoop/MongoDB framework.

Learn more about Talend’s big data solutions from the many resources on this web site, or download Talend Open Studio for Big Data today and start benefiting from the leading open source big data tool.