Global Data Services

Building Agile, Affordable Global Data Services – The Open Source Way

Open source technologies have democratized the business IT marketplace, bringing powerful platforms and applications into reach of more organizations than ever before. In the global data services arena, Talend has led the open source charge. The world's leading provider of open source data management technologies, Talend delivers solutions that any organization can use to build agile, affordable global data services.

What You Get from Talend Global Data Services Solutions

Talend offers a clear value proposition to users of our data integration and global data services solutions:

  • Low total cost of ownership. Many Talend solutions are free to use under an open source license, including fully-functional development studios for building data migration services and data transfer services. We also offer subscription-based enterprise class solutions that cost just a fraction of what comparable proprietary software packages cost.
  • Proven performance and dependability. Talend data management solutions are the most widely used and deployed in the world. Organizations large and small, public and private, have built mission-critical data management services on Talend technologies, in every kind of IT environment.
  • Modular extensibility. With Talend there's no need to implement your global data services in one big bang. Talend offers modular, interoperable components for data integration services, data quality services, master data management, application integration, and business process management, all pluggable into a unified global data services platform. You can start in the area where you have the most pressing need, and then optionally extend your integrated data services at the pace and in the direction that best suits your organization.
  • Productivity-boosting ease of use. As with all the best open source technologies, the creation and evolution of Talend software has been driven by the needs and wants of real world users. The result is technology that's versatile and very easy to use, allowing business users and developers to accomplish their goals quickly and with minimum fuss.

Put Talend Global Data Services Technologies to Work Today

Interested in seeing how Talend global data services components work? Have a data integration project or business management process automation project that you'd like to kick into gear? The best way to see what Talend technologies can do you for is to download a free open source application today and put it to work.

Learn more about Talend’s data integration solutions from the many resources on this web site, or download Talend Open Studio for Data Integration today and start benefiting from the leading open source data integration tool.