Data Cleaning Services

Take the First Step toward Enterprise Data Cleaning Services

Most organizations recognize the tremendous business value of implementing data cleaning services that ensure that data throughout the enterprise is accurate, complete, consistent, and conformant. What's often not so clear, however, is how to get there. In an organization where data quality programs are lacking, how can you start the ball rolling toward the development and deployment of data cleaning services that lift the quality of your corporate data?

Data Cleaning Services Step One: Start Profiling Your Data Today

Talend, the leading global provider of open source data integration and data quality software, empowers companies large and small to take the crucial first step toward data cleaning services implementation: profiling your data to assess its current quality level. Talend Open Studio for Data Quality is a free, open source data quality analysis solution that enables you to deeply examine and evaluate data stored in files, databases, enterprise applications, and cloud data services.

With hundreds of data connectors built into an intuitive graphical development console, Talend Open Studio for Data Quality makes it easy to connect to nearly any type of data source and apply profiling functions like:

  • Statistical analysis of records and individual fields
  • Categorization and analysis based on customizable business rules
  • Validation for conformance against standard or custom patterns
  • Rendering of analysis results into reports and graphs

The deep data profiling delivered by Talend Open Studio for Data Quality has business value in and of itself, for example as an aid to project planning for data migration and synchronization projects. Data profiling also moves you down the path to full-fledged data cleaning services by spotlighting the shortcomings of your current data stocks and by identifying the data domains where data cleaning services can yield the most substantial return on investment.

From Profiling to Comprehensive Data Cleaning Services

When you've gauged your current data quality and identified the most promising areas for the implementation of data cleaning services, Talend Enterprise Data Quality delivers everything you need to design, develop, execute, and monitor advanced data quality services. This powerful data quality application, affordably priced based on the number of developer seats, provides comprehensive data cleaning services functionality including:

  • Data quality tools for standardization, matching, de-duplication, enrichment, and real-time monitoring
  • Service enablement and management tools to support the development of standards-based data quality services that can be deployed within service-oriented architectures

Learn more about Talend’s data quality solutions from the many resources on this web site, or download Talend Open Studio for Data Quality today and start benefiting from the leading open source data quality tool.