Business Process Optimization

The Benefits of Open Source Business Process Optimization

Open source software has reshaped the enterprise application market, putting powerful business technologies within reach of more organizations than ever before. Business process optimization is an example where there's a compelling case for using an open source solution. In particular, mature open source business process software such as that offered by Talend and its partner BonitaSoft is a great value proposition for companies looking for tools to power a business process optimization program.

Free, Flexible Business Process Optimization

Bonita Open Solution is an open source solution for business process development and deployment. What makes Bonita Open Solution a great choice to drive business process optimization across your organization? To start, this open source BPM application is:

  • Free to download and use. You can download Bonita Open Solution now and use it for free, for as long as you want, under a GPL open source license. If you want, down the road you can seamlessly migrate to the subscription-based Talend Enterprise BPM, which extends Bonita Open Solution with additional enterprise-grade business process optimization features and Talend's world-class technical support services – at a fraction of the cost of commercial BPM solutions.
  • Open and flexible. As an open source technology, Bonita Open Solution places a premium on open standards compliance and easy interoperability with other IT systems. Business data integration is made easy by built-in connectors for just about every major database system and enterprise application.

Powerful, Proven Business Process Optimization

When choosing an open source solution for high-value initiatives like business process optimization, it's important to stick to technologies that have had sufficient time to mature and grow. As a mature open source BPM solution first developed in 2001, Bonita Open Solution offers:

  • Powerful, user-friendly features. A hallmark of open source technologies is user-centric design. Bonita Open Solution makes work a little easier for business analysts, developers, and end users with features like intuitive business process modeling and business process simulation tools, an Eclipse-based graphical development environment, reports and dashboards for performance monitoring, and a user experience portal that makes it easy for end users to track their assigned tasks and cases.
  • Proven performance in the field. Bonita Open Solution has proven itself under demanding production conditions. Downloaded hundreds of thousands of times, this versatile BPM solution now powers business process optimization initiatives at major global corporations and national government agencies.
  • A wealth of community knowledge. Talend and BonitaSoft solutions for data integration, application integration, and business process integration are at the center of thriving user communities that share experiences, insights, and application extensions.