Business Process Development

Fast, Easy Business Process Development for Any Environment

Your organization's most important resources are its people, its processes, and its stores of information. Talend Enterprise BPM, the business process development solution, helps your organization get the most possible value from these key resources. Talend makes business process development fast, easy, and flexible, enabling you to build and continuously optimize workflows that orchestrate people, applications, and data.

Business Process Development and the Business User

For business analysts and managers, Talend Enterprise BPM makes it easy to model and evaluate processes, and to monitor the success of processes that have been put into action. With Talend, business process modeling can be accomplished in minutes by selecting design components from a palette and arranging them in the central workspace. Dynamic business process simulation functionality helps you evaluate modeled processes by testing their performance in response to variables like cost, time, resource consumption, and more.

Once processes have gone live, Talend Enterprise BPM supports continuous business process optimization by making it easy to monitor process performance and identify areas where further improvements can be achieved. With the Talend open source business process development solution you can set up custom KPIs, monitor process execution in real-time, and create dashboards that deliver a 360° view of the business.

Business Process Development and the Developer

Developers benefit from Talend business process software by being able to accomplish more work in less time. With open source business process development software from Talend, developers can:

  • Build applications in an Eclipse-based graphical IDE that automatically generates application code.
  • Achieve new levels of business data integration by leveraging configurable connector components that make it simple to read from or write to nearly any type of database, messaging system, or enterprise application.
  • Enhance business process integration with event processing functions that enable one process to trigger another.
  • Deploy processes in multiple environments with a single click.
  • Use powerful APIs for custom application development.
  • Get full access to the application source code.