Business Data Integration

The Open Source Solution for Business Data Integration

Progressive companies are increasingly choosing open source software to meet their needs for business data integration. Open source software enables organizations to address technological challenges and opportunities quickly and with minimal up-front investment. By using open source, open standards-based solutions for business data integration, companies also avoid vendor lock-in and foster flexibility in their IT architectures.

Talend is the provider that enterprises turn to most often for open source data integration solutions. Talend solutions power business data integration processes for organizations worldwide ranging from small and medium-sized firms to global corporations and national government agencies.

Business Data Integration for ETL

For organizations needing a business data integration solution for extract, transform, and load (ETL) projects or ongoing data synchronization processes, Talend Open Studio for Data Integration is a powerful, easy to use application that's free to download and use under a GPL open source license. Talend Open Studio for Data Integration provides all you need to design and implement data migration and synchronization operations, including:

  • A graphical development environment that supports effortless ETL design and automatic code generation.
  • Hundreds of built-in connector components that make it easy to connect to nearly any type of file, database, or enterprise application, or to cloud data services and SaaS such as Salesforce.
  • A meta-data repository that enables reuse of component configurations across multiple business data integration projects.
  • A flexible, scalable execution model that supports multiple deployment modes including distribution across a server grid.

Business Data Integration for BPM

For BPM-oriented business data integration solutions, Talend partners with BonitaSoft, pioneers in the open source business process software market. Bonita Open Solution, an open source application that's free to use under a GPL license, provides complete BPM functionality including:

  • An intuitive design studio that supports business process modeling and business process simulation as well as graphical development of process-based applications.
  • A powerful, scalable process engine.
  • An end user portal that enables workflow participants to manage their tasks as easily as managing an email inbox.


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