Big Data NoSQL

Big data, NoSQL technologies are reshaping the enterprise.

Enterprises are getting some pretty amazing results these days with big data and NoSQL technology. Big data technologies are giving enterprises access to mind-boggling amounts of information, while NoSQL databases enable them to process that data with greater speed, flexibility and performance. From identifying trends through social data analytics to developing real-time business intelligence with sensor data, big data/NoSQL is radically altering the perception of what the enterprise can do with information.

But deploying a big data/NoSQL implementation is a pretty daunting task for most organizations. The technology is new and immature, adding complexity and risk to existing infrastructure. The cost is high, as existing systems aren't up to the task of handling such large volumes of information or integrating so many new data sources. And the talent to manage big data/NoSQL projects is pretty scarce – few developers been trained in these technologies, and the ones who have been a drawing very large salaries.

Talend: software for the big data-NoSQL revolution.

For organizations who want to be at the leading edge of the big data/NoSQL revolution but don't have the resources to make a heavy front-end investment, Talend offers a software solution that makes it easy to manage big data/NoSQL databases with the infrastructure and skills already in place.

Talend Big Data is a powerful and versatile open source solution that combines components for Hadoop big data technologies like MapReduce 2.0 (YARN), Pig, HBase, Hive, Oozie, Sqoop and HCatalog, so organizations can integrate and transform massive sets of data from widely different sources. Talend components have been tested and certified to work with leading Hadoop distributions and big data solutions, including Amazon EMR, Cloudera, IBM PureData, Hortonworks, MapR and others.

Simplify the job of working with big data/NoSQL databases.

Talend gives organizations the tools to manage big data and NoSQL database implementations without needing to learn new skills or spend a lot of money on new tools and infrastructure. With Talend organizations can:

  • Connect to any source using more than 800 pre-built connectors for a wide range of data, including connectors for NoSQL database integration and Cassandra/Hadoop integration. In an easy-to-use graphical environment, developers can quickly map big data sources to targets without needing to write complicated code or learn new skills.
  • Manipulate data easily with tools to map, filter, evaluate, compare and transform massive data sets, and quickly perform analyses using the skills developers already possess.
  • Scale quickly – Talend generates the underlying code automatically whenever a new Hadoop cluster is deployed, so organizations can take advantage of the massive scalability of big data/NoSQL technology.

Learn more about Talend’s big data solutions from the many resources on this web site, or download Talend Open Studio for Big Data today and start benefiting from the leading open source big data tool.