Telecommunications and Media

Drive faster and more in-depth market analysis, reduce churn, and personalize engagements with trusted data in real time.

Drive business success with data-driven insights

Talend instills customer loyalty

Understand your customers better than ever

Get a single view of all your customers using all of your data sources. Provide your customers with personalized products at the touch of a button.

Predict customer behavior with trusted data

Reduce churn and find upsell opportunities with real-time customer data, protected with market-leading data governance capabilities.

Reduce costs and improve flexibility

Improve business operations and take advantage of new technologies easily with a unified suite of apps for data integration and data integrity.

Talend gives us an extremely realistic picture of our pay-TV subscribers. And we can
offer them services on demand.

Krishnan Venkatasubramanian, Head of IT Architecture, Sky Deutschland

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