Deliver personalized health experiences, grow new markets, and comply with industry standards for data privacy and data governance.

Create better outcomes with data-driven insights

Customize the patient experience

Leverage a 360-degree customer view to build stronger relationships with patients and deliver personalized care.

Accelerate and improve research

Improve data analysis by integrating all types of clinical trials and R&D data, leveraging current and past research.

Talend helps you comply with data protection

Comply with data protection regulations

Identify and safeguard sensitive data to comply with privacy and industry regulations, including HIPAA and GDPR.

For every dollar we spend on a data initiative, we are able to get 40$ in return.

Andy McPhee, Science and Enabling Units Data & Analytics Engineering Lead, AstraZeneca
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Our data infrastructure is key to integrating and accessing the big variety of sources needed to perform customer-centric, data-driven marketing and sales business activities at Bayer.

Dr. Dana Liebmann, Data Architect for Marketing and Sales, Bayer
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Talend and Snowflake are core components of the platform we’ve built to deliver top-tier healthcare data and analytics services.

Sven Junkergard, CTO
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