Financial Services

Increase customer engagement and loyalty, ensure compliance with the latest regulations, and discover new revenue opportunities with trusted, governed data.

Drive business success with data-driven insights

customers and customer service

Secure customer loyalty

Improved customer experiences and personalized interactions help financial services companies acquire, retain, and upsell customers.

data protection and compliance

Comply with data protection regulations

Identify and protect sensitive data to comply with data protection regulations, including GDPR, CCPA, and others.

Optimize operations

Optimize business operations

Build data integrations faster than ever and accelerate your time to data analytics, increasing productivity and innovation.

Whether our customers are visiting a branch or using a tablet, phone, computer or wearable device, our big data cloud-based infrastructure enables us to predict their needs and guide them through their financial journey

Joseph DosSantos, VP, Enterprise Information Management, TD Bank Group
Talend customer: Crédit Agricole

Our Big Data platform accelerates all operations, from the initial application stage to credit issuance, across all channels.

Vincent Biancardini, IT Support Marketing. Project Review Supervisor, Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance

Using data, we want to make sure once a customer opens a relationship with us, that our products and our bank remain top of mind.

Billie Setiawan, Head of Decision Management for Data & Analytics.

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