Data Streams Free Edition

A free cloud application that makes integrating streaming data faster, easier, and more accessible.

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Catch Your Streaming Data

Designed for data scientists, analysts, and engineers, Talend Data Streams is a free application that makes streaming data integration faster, easier, and more accessible.

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Data Streams – Free Edition Features

Data Streams

  • Enables streaming message queues: Apache Kafka, Amazon Kinesis, and Google Pub/Sub
  • Schema-on-read removes the need to define schemas before building pipelines
  • Built for modern data formats including: AVRO, JSON, Parquet, and CSV
  • Supports Salesforce, AWS S3, Google Cloud Storage, and many cloud databases
  • Lightweight transformations with built-in filter, normalize, replicate, and time windowing
  • Extensible pipelines with support for Python coding

Get Up and Running in Minutes

Data Streams is built for the cloud. In fact, it’s already in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace. With just a few clicks, anyone with an AWS account can be up and running with the web-based graphical UI.

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Easily Ingest New Types of Streaming Data

Simplify pipeline design with schema-on-read. Build flexible pipelines that won’t break when your source schema changes. Design streaming and batch pipelines in a single interface, powered by Apache Beam.

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Accelerate Pipeline Development

Easily extend your data pipelines with embedded Python coding components. See your data at every step of the development process with live preview, resulting in dramatically reduced testing and debugging time.

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