Open Studio for Data Quality

Talend Open Studio for Data Quality is the leading open source data profiling tool.

Quickly profile your data

Open Studio for Data Quality profiles your data and provides a graphical drill-down of the details. It is a free data quality tool that is available for download for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

Open Studio for Data Quality Features

License and Support

  • Free open source Apache license
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Data Quality and Governance

  • Data profiling and analytics with graphical charts and drilldown data
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Design and Productivity Tools

  • Eclipse-based tooling
  • Customizable assessment
  • Pattern library
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Advanced Data Profiling

  • Fraud pattern detection using Benford Law
  • Advanced statistics with indicator thresholds
  • Column set analysis
  • Advanced matching analysis
  • Time column correlation analysis
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Looking for more advanced features?

Talend Data Management Platform offers more connectors, collaboration, scheduling, management and monitoring capabilities, built-in data quality, and expert support.

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