Data Preparation Free Desktop

A free data preparation application that makes onboarding and cleaning data easy and repeatable.

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Make data cleaning simple and fast.

With Talend Data Preparation Free Desktop, simplify and automate your data cleaning with an easy-to-use visual tool. It enables you to quickly build reusable data preparation recipes.

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Data Preparation – Free Desktop Features

Data Preparation and Stewardship

  • Import, export, and combine data from any database, Excel or CSV file
  • Export to Tableau
  • Auto-discovery, standardization, auto-profiling, smart suggestions, and data visualization
  • Cleansing and enrichment functions

Looking for a company-wide solution?

Accelerate data usage across your business with Data Preparation as part of your cloud or on-premise data integration platform. Enable users to discover, cleanse and share data, then add data preparations into any integration scenario.

Versions and Release Notes

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