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A fast and cost-effective way to connect data

Talend offers robust enterprise data integration software in an open, scalable architecture to respond faster to business requests. Talend provides the unified tools to develop and deploy data integration jobs 10 times faster than hand coding, at 1/5th the cost of competitors.

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 Open Studio for Data IntegrationData Management Platform
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Free Open Source LicenseUser-based subscription
Components and Connectors
Design and Productivity
Management and Monitoring
Data Quality, Self-Service, and Governance
Self-serviceWeb, email, phone

One of these Leaders Is Not Like the Others

Talend named a leader in data integration and data quality. Business moves fast. Get the data agility needed to win.

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Jumpstart your next ETL project

Boost your productivity with a robust open source ETL tool that you can download for free and start using today. Easily integrate all your data with your data warehouse and applications, or synchronize data between systems. Simple, graphical tools and wizards get you up and running quickly.

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Take your ETL project to the next level

Work smarter and faster across teams with the full-featured Data Management Platform. Develop 10x faster using a modern data integration and data quality platform for relational databases, flat files, cloud apps, and platforms. Collaborate, manage, and monitor thousands of ETL jobs, and empower business users with simple, self-service data preparation and data stewardship tools.

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