Open Studio for ESB

Talend Open Studio for ESB is free-to-download software to quickly integrate services and applications.

Speed up integration with service reuse

Talend Open Studio for Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) is free-to-download software that easily service-enables and integrates applications and legacy systems. Those looking to add API delivery, data quality and Cloud management should consider Talend Cloud API Services Platform.

Open Studio for ESB Features

License and Support

  • Free open source Apache license
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Design and Productivity Tools

  • Graphical design environment
  • Versioning
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  • Cloud: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and more
  • RDBMS: Oracle, Teradata, Microsoft SQL server, and more
  • SaaS: Marketo, Salesforce, NetSuite, and more
  • Packaged Apps: SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Sugar CRM, and more
  • Technologies: Dropbox, Box, SMTP, FTP/SFTP, LDAP, and more
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Agile Application Integration

  • Drag-and-drop route, data, and web/REST services creation and simulation
  • Deliver and route messages and events based on Enterprise Integration Patterns (EIPs)
  • Reliable messaging backbone based on ActiveMQ
  • Command line and scripting tools
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  • Standard support: REST, SOAP, OpenID Connect, OAuth, SAML, WSDL, SWAGGER(tm), and more
  • Transports/protocols support: HTTP, JMS, MQTT, AMQP, UDP, Apache Kafka, WebSphere MQ, and more
  • Enterprise Integration Patterns for service mediation, routing, and messaging
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Looking to scale up your project?

For teams and more complex projects, Talend Data Services Platform provides advanced transformation capabilities, collaboration tools, built-in data quality, and expert support.

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Services Management

  • System monitoring: JMX / Jolokia
  • Access into live statistics of message flow activity
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