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6 de diciembre de 2017
Optimizing organ donation: When big data and analytics helps save lives

Organ sharing network relies on technology platform to speed up vital report generation.

17 de octubre de 2017
Talend adds cloud-based data preparation tools to Data Fabric platform

Talend Inc. said today it’s updating its Integration Cloud platform to make it easier and faster for companies to extract and clean data so it can be used in their analytics operations. 

17 de octubre de 2017
Talend Extends Reach into Data Governance

Talend has been widely employed as an integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) environment to pull various data sources together via a cloud service. Now Talend is extending the scope of that iPaaS environment to include Talend Data Preparation, a data management tool that can be employed to cleanse data and govern who gets access to specific types of information that will become part of a fall release of Talend Data Fabric announced today.

17 de octubre de 2017
Talend Releases New Version of Talend Integration Cloud

Talend, a provider of cloud and big data integration solutions, is launching a new version of Talend Integration Cloud (TIC), delivering data-as-a-service 24/7 while allowing IT to maintain governance over enterprise information.