Big data integration and predictive analytics technologies brought together to help businesses drive profitability from their data assets
Los Altos, CA - April 9, 2014

Talend, the global big data integration software leader, has announced it is working with Blue Yonder, a leading provider of SaaS-based predictive analytics. This enables business customers to make faster and more accurate demand forecasts, saving costs and driving up profits as a direct result.

Using Talend connectors to any source, Talend’s native big data integration solution enables businesses to extract data for use in Forward Demand, Blue Yonder’s SaaS-based demand planning and forecasting solution.  By integrating increased data volumes more quickly into Forward Demand customers obtain faster and more precise results.

Blue Yonder and Talend are working together on a range of projects, delivering joint solutions to customers. The two companies are collaborating on projects in numerous sectors including retail, banking, finance, utilities and a range of other vertical markets.

“Working with Talend will bring far-reaching benefits both to ourselves and to our customers,” said Ralf Werneth, senior manager alliances, Blue Yonder. “Historically, we connected to our customers’ data sources using custom interfaces. Data Integration was time-consuming but required to enable access to additional resources of data,” he added. “Thanks to Talend’s next generation integration capability our customers can significantly reduce custom development. For the customer, this translates directly into reduced development costs, associated maintenance and improved time-to-value.”

François Chiche, vice president, alliances at Talend said: “Our partnership with Blue Yonder highlights once again the power of big data. Talend collects the data Blue Yonder and its customers need and makes it available to them. Blue Yonder’s strength is supporting data driven decision management and its SaaS Solution Forward Demand delivers precise forecasts from massive volumes of data in real time. It’s a perfect fit.”

The companies will show their joint solution portfolio throughout a series of upcoming events and webinars. For more information or to register, visit:

About Blue Yonder
Blue Yonder is the leading SaaS provider for predictive analytics in the European market. The company’s technology automates mass decisions in real time, resulting in accurate and precise forecasts.  Founded in 2008 and based in Karlsruhe, Germany, Blue Yonder provides industry-specific forecasting software that provides specialised business units within the enterprise with simple and quick access to big data, enabling organisations all over the world to become ‘predictive enterprises’. Using scientifically-based and innovative technologies such as predictive modelling and machine-learning approaches, Blue Yonder can automate the decision-making processes and create accurate forecasts. With customers including OTTO, dm, Vodafone, and Crate&Barrel, Blue Yonder has numerous application examples for big data from the most diverse sectors.

In January 2014, Blue Yonder launched the Data Science Academy to provide relevant expertise to businesses and specifically train decision-makers from management, data scientists, analysts and IT staff to use big data and predictive analytics more strategically in their enterprises. Blue Yonder's work has been recognised by many industry awards, including the Data Mining Cup, which Blue Yonder has won three times, and the 2013 FOCUS Digital Star Award.