Offering Helps Customers be GDPR Compliant by Accelerating the Design and Roll-Out of Controls for Enterprise Data Pipelines
Redwood City, CA - September 21, 2017

Talend (NASDAQ: TLND), a global leader in cloud and big data integration solutions, today unveiled a new solution to help customers address requirements for the European Union’s (EU) GDPR legislation. The new offering enables companies to design and operationalize data controls across data pipelines using metadata management, data masking, data quality, data services, stewardship and governance. Available immediately via Talend’s network of VAR and ISV partners, Talend’s GDPR solution helps customers modernize their data platforms to deliver transparency and compliance using collaborative data governance.

Enforceable starting May 2018, GDPR applies to any organization worldwide that collects or processes personal data from EU residents. At that time, organizations will need to have a more precise view of their customer data—not just where it is stored, but also who has access to it, how it’s being utilized and by whom it can be modified. Companies will also need to address new rights for individuals—including employees, prospects and customers—in terms of providing options for how their personal data is managed, such as the right of accessibility, rectification, erasure, etc. Companies that fall short of meeting these guidelines face hefty fines and according to Gartner, by the end of 2018, over 50 percent of organizations affected by the GDPR will not be in full compliance with its requirements.[1]

“The path toward GDPR compliance doesn’t need to be complicated, but organizations do need to have a comprehensive strategy for ensuring personal data is captured, shared, and managed in a controlled, lawful and fair manner,” said Ciaran Dynes, senior vice president of products, Talend.  “Working with our partners, we are helping customers design strong data governance programs that empower all constituents—from non-technical business users to IT—to effectively collaborate and govern data, by ensuring the proper policies, standards, and controls are in place to be compliant.”

Whether personal data comes from an online form, business partner, an internal CRM or HR system, or enterprise data lake, Talend’s new solution for GDPR enables companies to deploy governed data workflows that help:

  • Map the critical data elements across your datasets using metadata
  • Foster accountability through data stewardship
  • Establish access and quality controls for enterprise data lakes
  • Set ‘privacy by design’ as a default to mask customer and employee data
  • Track and trace data using audit trails and data lineage
  • Quickly identify vulnerabilities and remediate to minimize risk
  • Manage opt-in consent across customer-facing applications
  • Anonymize or pseudonymize customer data to separate it from direct identifiers
  • Implement data services to establish the right to be forgotten, right of accessibility, and right of rectification

Talend’s data integration platform, Talend Data Fabric, combines data quality, metadata management, data stewardship, data lineage, and big data integration into a single set of easy-to-use tools that help customers collect, standardize, reconcile, certify, protect, and propagate personally identifiable information (PII) data.

“At first glance, GDPR can seem daunting and rife with challenges, but it also has the potential to elevate the importance of client data within an organization,” said Allan Beechinor, CTO, Advanced Metadata. “Working with Talend we can help customers assess their related data landscape and establish automated, continuous compliance across their organization to maximize visibility of their data and deliver complete transparency".

Talend customer, Save the Children UK (SCUK), helps save lives by preparing for, and responding to, humanitarian emergencies caused by natural disasters, disease outbreaks and armed conflict. From emergency relief to long-term development, SCUK helps children survive, be protected and learn. Charitable organizations like SCUK must ensure it processes all donor and recipient data in compliance with all regulatory requirements, including GDPR, to provide transparency on how it manages data and spends funds to avoid suspicion of fraud and maintain donor confidence.

“To comply with GDPR, we’re using Talend to record business rules within jobs so we can prove exactly where and why we’re manipulating data,” said Alex Nicole, senior Data Quality executive, Save the Children UK. “We’re also documenting our entire process, the structure of the CRM jobs, and what Talend is doing, so that we can show at any point what’s happened with, for example, our opt-ins and opt-outs.”

For more information on how Talend helps customers address GDPR requirements, visit, download this whitepaper or read this blog.

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[1] Gartner Insight, Focus on Five High-Priority Changes to Tackle the EU GDPR, Published: 30 September 2016 ID: G00311301 by Bart Willemsen.