Consulting Firm Implements Talend’s Ongoing Learning and Certification Program
Redwood City, CA - December 13, 2017

Talend (NASDAQ: TLND), leader in cloud and big data integration solutions, announced it is working with Capgemini to integrate Talend’s on-demand training courses into the company’s University Learning Management System. This provides Capgemini’s 13,000 Insights & Data consultants with unlimited technical training on Talend’s cutting-edge big data and cloud technologies, to further support clients in achieving their desired business outcomes.

Forrester Research, Inc. notes, “digital technology has fundamentally changed two things: the dynamics of the markets in which you operate and the speed that you need to remain competitive.”[1] Keeping up with the latest developments in big data and cloud technologies can be a challenge given the rapid pace at which these two markets move. Capgemini elected to work with Talend on the development of its new learning program to leverage Talend’s deep expertise in both megamarkets, and its arsenal of courses that provide hands-on practice using big data and cloud technologies to implement real-world business scenarios.

“Big data is a disruptive force in today’s marketplace that is spurring companies to rethink existing business processes and transform the way they operate. This includes helping up-skill their workforce to meet emerging customer needs and fluctuating industry requirements,” said Mike Pickett, VP of Business Development and Partner Ecosystems, Talend. “We’re excited that Capgemini has chosen to work with Talend and incorporate our training into its comprehensive curriculum to teach its talented consultants more about our cutting-edge cloud and big data solutions.”

Training is key to remaining competitive in a world of rapid change. Capgemini continues to equip its global team of consultants with the latest knowledge and hands-on expertise on emerging big data and cloud solutions. The company decided to integrate Talend’s cloud-hosted technical curriculum with its existing employee training program. The new combined curriculum offers employees courses ranging from big data basics to advanced topics such as Apache Spark streaming, machine learning, and data governance, that are essential for companies to further their digital transformation goals and remain compliant with evolving data regulations. The integrated solution allows Capgemini to incorporate Talend courses into its own customized learning paths, to address changing business needs.

“Effectively transforming an organization for the digital economy requires more than just an understanding of our client’s business and their competitive landscape; it also entails having a broad understanding of the tools and technologies that will help our clients best achieve their desired business outcomes,” said Steve Jones, VP of Big Data at Capgemini. “Leveraging Talend’s training courses allows us to not only train our consultants on cutting-edge big data and cloud technologies, but also allows them to deliver high quality data integration solutions that help our customers get closer to the point of execution”

Further information on how Capgemini is utilizing Talend solutions can be found here. A listing of the big data and cloud technology training courses Talend offers can be found at For details on Capgemini’s Insights & Data services visit

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[1] “The Digital Business Imperative” by Ted Schadler and Nigel Fenwick, Forrester Research, Inc., February 15, 2017.