Oxfordshire County Council has selected open source data management tool, Talend Enterprise Data Integration, as part of a strategic move to manage data integration and in particular the local government expenditure reporting
Maidenhead (UK) - August 31, 2012

All UK councils are required to publish expenditure over £500 (subject to some exceptions), creating greater transparency and keeping the public informed. Oxfordshire County Council is no exception and researched the market to find a cost-effective yet dedicated solution to meet their needs.

Anne Kearsley, ICT deployment manager at Oxfordshire County Council explains: “There is an enormous amount of pressure on local authorities in the current economic climate to ensure that they have full control over their spending. For this to be transparent, local authorities are required to publish monthly expenditure for nearly all transactions the council completes with a value over £500, subject to several exceptions.”

The Council has selected Talend Enterprise Data Integration to provide an extensible, highly-scalable set of tools to access, transform and integrate data in real time or batch to meet its operational and analytical data integration needs, including from within its SAP financial management system.

Oxfordshire County Council is responsible for providing key local services in the county and employs over 20,000 people to deliver them. These services include schools, social services, the fire service, roads, libraries and the museums service, trading standards, land use, transport planning and waste management. Each year the council manages £845 million of public money in the provision of these services, on behalf of Oxfordshire's 615,000 residents.

Anne continues: “What Talend allows us to do is extract our financial data and collate it into one easy to use report. Talend’s extensive range of connectors and high performance processing means we no longer need to search through our millions of rows of data or struggle with encryption. Talend Enterprise Data integration allows us to easily locate the exact data, manage the exceptions, and publish our expenditure reports.”

“We have already seen a number of benefits by selecting Talend e.g. its wide range of connectors allow us to move data regularly and reliably from legacy systems for reporting and financial management. We are now looking to expand our relationship with Talend across a number of our other departments. With this we hope to further increase our ability to manage large amounts of data in a more efficient manner, enabling us to reduce costs and save time,” Anne concluded.

François Méro, VP of global sales, Talend commented: “Given the large volume of data that Oxfordshire County Council has to sift through to produce their regular expenditure reports, the use of reliable data integration technology is essential. The use of Talend Enterprise Data Integration is providing the Council with this power to reduce the complexity of their reporting and increase performance. I believe that as the relationship between Talend and Oxfordshire County Council grows we can work together to help the council drive efficiency across the board.”