Certification of leading big data integration platform helps enterprises scale for the most demanding big data projects
Los Altos, CA - April 2, 2014

Talend, the global big data integration software leader, today announced that its big data integration and quality solutions, Talend Open Studio for Big Data, Talend Enterprise Big Data and Talend Platform for Big Data, are now certified on Cloudera Enterprise 5, the latest release of Cloudera’s market leading platform. Talend and Cloudera will work closely together to enable enterprise customers to tackle their largest and most complex big data projects with ease.

“Cloudera Enterprise 5 has quickly become the platform of choice for large organizations in need of sophisticated analysis and transformation of petabytes of structured and complex data,” said Fabrice Bonan, co-founder and chief products officer, Talend. “Combined with Talend’s native support of Hadoop, customers can access, manipulate and store huge volumes of data in Hadoop and benefit from high-performance, cost-optimized data integration with ultimate scalability.”

Talend fully leverages the power of Hadoop and big data platforms with its agile data integration and data quality solution for big data. Talend’s unique code generation approach, optimized for these massively parallel environments, helps organizations of all sizes to reap the rewards of the vast amounts of data they have collected over time, at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions.

“With Apache™ Hadoop® at its core, Cloudera Enterprise 5 enables customers to store, process, and analyze all their data in full fidelity for a variety of enterprise workloads and drive their enterprise data hub by making it economically viable and technically feasible,” said Tim Stevens, vice president, Business and Corporate Development for Cloudera. “Together, Cloudera and Talend enable organizations to quickly and reliably deploy big data projects that provide fast time to value and help gain a competitive advantage.”

The Cloudera Certified Technology program, which Talend joined last year, makes it simpler for Apache Hadoop technology buyers to purchase the right cluster components and software applications to extract the most value from their data. Clusters that leverage Cloudera Enterprise 5 alongside Cloudera Certified Technologies such as Talend Open Studio for Big Data, Talend Enterprise Big Data and Talend Platform for Big Data, operate with reduced risk and lower total cost of ownership. Cloudera Certified Technologies have been tested and validated to use supported APIs and to comply with Cloudera development guidelines for integration with Apache Hadoop.

Talend and Cloudera will co-host a live webinar on April 8, 2014 at 9:30 am ET titled “Talend & Cloudera: The transformative opportunities of Big Data as part of your IT domain.” For more information or to register, visit: https://info.talend.com/en_bd_hadoop_enterprisedatahub.html .