Company Transitions to More Permissive License, Reinforces Open Source Leadership through New Contributions
Los Altos (CA) - October 15, 2013

Talend, the global integration software leader, today announced its intent to transition to the Apache License for its award-winning Talend Open Studio product family. The company also announced that it has contributed the source code for the XML Public Key Management Service of the Apache CXF project.

The first step of the license transition will see a change from the GPL license to the LGPL license for version 5.4 of Talend Open Studio for Data Integration, Talend Open Studio for Data Quality and Talend Open Studio for ESB. A further change to the Apache License will occur in 2014. Talend Open Studio for Big Data has already been provided under the Apache License since its launch.

“We have built Talend on a strong commitment to the openness and collaboration values of open source,” said Bertrand Diard, co-founder and chief strategy officer, Talend. “This license change is a clear sign of our pledge for providing more openness, and removing obstacles to the reuse of our technology in derived works.  Since the introduction of its Apache-based Enterprise Service Bus in 2010, and the launch of the first dedicated big data integration tool in 2012, Talend has been constantly expanding its use of the Apache License, as well as its contributions to the Apache Software Foundation. Today, we are proud of announcing this strategic change.”

A long-time sponsor of the Apache Software Foundation, Talend has been instrumental in fostering open source adoption and providing structure to build successful open source communities. The company’s sponsorship helps to provide organizational, legal and financial support for a broad range of Apache licensed projects.

As a leading provider of Apache-powered software, Talend believes in making a strong investment in the community, currently employing a number of engineers to contribute to many Apache projects, including Apache CXF, Apache Camel, Apache Karaf, Apache ActiveMQ, Apache Santuario, Apache Hadoop, and Apache ACE. Today, Talend announced that it has contributed to the Apache Software Foundation the source code for the implementation of the XML Key Management Specification (XKMS) to central management of X509 Certificates within a Public Key Management Service, which is available from the 3.0.0 release of Apache CXF and beyond.

Version 5.4 of Talend Open Studio for Data Integration, Talend Open Studio for Data Quality and Talend Open Studio for ESB is currently in RC1 (Release Candidate 1). The LGPL license will become effective as of RC2, and will apply to the GA (General Availability) version later this month.