The French leader of fishing supplies distribution implements Talend’s solutions to guarantee the sustainability of its information system
Suresnes (France) - October 18, 2012

Talend, a global leader in open source solutions, announced today that Pacific Pêche, the French leader in the distribution of fishing supplies, chose Talend Platform for Data Services to ensure the interoperability of its information system, guaranteeing the sustainability of its technical developments.

Pacific Pêche counts 36 physical points of sale across France and has also developed online sales which today accounts for 13% of its revenue. The group, which quickly grew to become the leader of this market, further develops its own brand which represents approximately 40% of its sales.

The specifics of its business – numerous references, low inventory turnover, distributor brand, niche market, etc. – combined with its accelerated growth encouraged the distributor to implement a centralized information system covering all of its activities – supply chain, logistics, invoicing control, etc. This diverse information system (Supply Chain & WMS, finance, retail & web front office, accounting, internal portal for stores, etc.) now relies on a central database containing all of the repositories (clients, stores, products, etc.).

As our business grows, our information system becomes increasingly complex. Additionally, the implementation of a web front office that allows us to conduct online sales activities requires a real-time dimension.  We therefore needed an orchestration module capable of interconnecting with all of our applications by replacing an ETL developed internally a few years ago,” explains Hubert Gatinet, Executive Director of Pacific Pêche, in charge of the Information Systems Department.  “The idea was to choose a solution that is flexible enough to industrialize interapplication exchanges, easy to deploy and use, and offers openness to Web Services to standardize our store and web procedures.”

After an initial technology watch during which the company identified ten solutions, Pacific Pêche shortlisted three solutions on the market and then chose two Talend solutions.  “Talend offers unified integration and ESB solutions that are completely independent of the architecture and technical platforms, which guarantees their sustainability. This independence is further enhanced by the wealth of connectors offered by the vendor.  Additionally, with Talend ESB, we have a solution that allows us to industrialize our procedures via the deployment of Web Services,” adds Hubert Gatinet.  “Therefore, we are now able to release resources because of the industrialization, to share the environment with other resources and make our developments sustainable without relying on only one person to manage our infrastructure”.

Pacific Pêche considers its choice to be strategic as Talend’s solutions contribute to shaping its information system management approach. “Sustainability and independence are the two main keywords of our strategy. In this sense, we maintain a community with Talend from a strategic point of view. Its solutions help us respond to the increasing complexity of our information system, while shaping our industrialization approach. With Talend, we can confidently plan the future for the next 2 to 3 years.”

About Pacific Pêche

Pacific Pêche, founded in 1993, is the French leader in the specialized distribution of fishing supplies.  Operating 36 points of sale throughout France, as well as two websites which today account for 13% of the group’s revenue, Pacific Pêche has approximately 220 employees and will earn a revenue of 30 million euros, after taxes, for 2012. Pacific Pêche has developed a distribution concept that is completely different than that of large retailers.  Pacific Pêche stores have become a place where fishing enthusiasts come to relax and socialize, a place where they not only come to pick up equipment, but to leisurely walk around, relax and exchange information (what, where and how to fish during a particular season?), listen to the advice of our specialists or simply meet up with other fishing enthusiasts. For more information, please visit: