One of the world leaders in specialty chemicals for construction deployed Talend’s integration solution to manage its data exchanges and automate its integration processes
Suresnes (France) - May 15, 2014

Talend, the world leader in Big Data integration software, announced today that Materis, one of the world leaders in specialty chemicals for construction, has selected Talend Enterprise Data Integration to centralize and standardize the management and control of its interapplication exchanges. At the same time, Materis uses Talend’s open source data integration solution to populate a business intelligence data warehouse.

Optimizing very complex interapplication flows

The fourth largest company in the world specializing in admixtures, mortars and paints, Materis, a former subsidiary of Lafarge whose majority shareholder today is the Wendel Group, is based on a particularly complex IT infrastructure, reflecting the diversity of its business and the specifics of its activities. The Group has three different information systems, each one corresponding to one of its activities.

In 2009, ParexGroup, the Materis subsidiary specializing in industrial mortars, initiated a project to upgrade its Oracle JDE ERP. The company then used a market ETL to make exchanges with satellite applications, whose performance was no longer satisfactory. Managing the migration of data from the ERP and the future widening of the solution’s scope to the integration of interapplication flows encouraged Materis to evaluate potential alternatives. As such, it completed a prototype with Talend Enterprise Data Integration centered on complex processing.

We had no doubt as to the ability of the Talend solution to effectively populate our business intelligence data center. However, we needed to make sure that the solution would meet our business flow management needs, as these flows form the basis of our daily activities and are strategic,” reflects Bertrand de Bourqueney, Director of Information Systems at Materis. “The prototype involved the recovery of manufacturing orders (issued from Syntact industrial management) in JDE. We relied on Talend to develop the flow and interface during a pilot conducted over three days. This would have taken at least three times longer with our previous solution.”

Given the success of this first project, Materis implemented widespread use of Talend Enterprise Data Integration to all data exchange concerns in the information systems of its 3 businesses, ParexGroup, Chryso and Materis Paints. Many existing integration flows were recovered by Talend and all new flows are now developed directly with the open source solution. Besides populating the BI data warehouse, the solution today orchestrates for example the exchange of data between the Chryso production management and planning systems. Meanwhile, it controls complex data flows (logistics, procurement, and accounting) between the business management systems of sales outlets and back-office systems for Materis Paints distribution activity. Today 400 exchanges in total are managed using Talend, and the 200 BI system populating flows have also been retrieved by Talend Enterprise Data Integration.

Talend: a structuring and unifying tool facilitating cost control

Talend provides a structuring and unifying tool that allows us not only to increase productivity in the field of development through the standardization and automation of our testing, pre-production and production processes, but also in terms of corrective maintenance and development. The solution is easy to use and is Java-based, unlike proprietary solutions that require the use of specialists mastering their specific languages,” adds Bertrand de Bourqueney. “In addition, it provides the performance necessary to meet our technical requirements and seamlessly integrates with our monitoring tool. Lastly, Talend offers many connectors that cover all of our applications.”

The predictability of the costs for Talend Enterprise Data Integration – based on the number of developers, rather than the number of CPUs or the amount of data – which was a crucial factor in Materis’ decision, makes it completely scalable with no extra unexpected costs. This tool is now a structuring element for both Research and Operations teams to control interapplication exchanges, and ensure traceability.

An industrial company like ours should be able to adapt its processes according to the demands of the market and its growth strategy. With its openness, Talend Enterprise Data Integration gives us the flexibility we need, while improving the reliability of our information exchanges,” concludes Bertrand de Bourqueney. “With the harmonization of interapplication exchange development, and more broadly the sharing by all our teams of a single tool, we now have the assurance that new ERP consolidation or business application projects will not call into question our application infrastructure and we can calmly and progressively plan the future of all three Materis business systems.”

The choice made by Materis once again proves that our integration solutions can be incorporated seamlessly into complex environments and meet the business requirements of industrial companies,” comments François Mero, VP Sales at Talend. “In addition to its performance and ease of use, our solution helps structure integration methods for companies to automate and standardize their information exchanges.”

About Materis

Materis, one of the world leaders in specialty chemicals for construction, consists of four businesses: admixtures, mortars, paints and aluminates (the latter having been recently sold). In 2012, Materis earned €2 billion in revenue and has 10,000 employees, distributed across 105 industrial sites and 33 countries worldwide.