Open source BI leader extends Jaspersoft ETL with Talend’s big data integration technology, providing CIOs, data scientists, and BI Builders the flexibility to harness big data for advanced reporting & analysis.
Los Altos (CA) - April 2, 2012

Talend, a global open source software leader, today announced that Jaspersoft, maker of the world’s most widely deployed business intelligence (BI) software, has upgraded its original equipment manufacturing (OEM) agreement with Talend to include native support for big data environments in Jaspersoft ETL.

With the addition of Talend’s big data integration technology to Jaspersoft ETL, data scientists can significantly reduce the time that it takes to integrate and consolidate their enterprise data into big data platforms such as Apache Hadoop to uncover business trends and insights faster than ever. Jaspersoft ETL, Powered by Talend, is available as part of Jaspersoft BI Suite 4.5, which turns data into actionable information by massively scaling the amount of data enterprise IT and developers can handle and move at one time.

The addition of native big data capabilities into Jaspersoft ETL allows data from any source, regardless of format, to be included in Hadoop clusters, supporting a much broader set of big data use cases for BI Builders.

In addition to the 450-plus connectors already available through the previously-existing OEM agreement, connectors added to Jaspersoft ETL through this OEM extension include:

  • Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), to load and extract data from Hadoop, in batch or streaming mode.
  • HBase, to load, extract and transform data into Hadoop’s column-oriented database.
  • Pig (Pig Latin generation) and Hive (HiveQL generation), to process Hadoop data in place, leveraging the power of the Hadoop cluster.
  • Sqoop, for building direct Hadoop-to-database links without coding.

“Open source is leading the way for big data applications and is helping organizations of all sizes convert massive data sets into meaningful business intelligence,” said Keith Goldstein, Vice President Worldwide Channels and Alliances for Talend. “Jaspersoft is at the forefront of the BI market and especially the big data BI market. By renewing and extending its longstanding commitment to Talend, and incorporating Talend’s big data integration technology, Jaspersoft is adding a very important tool to their portfolio.”

“Big data sets can traditionally take data scientists hours to collect, load and transform, but today’s data scientists are demanding options to explore data faster,” said Karl Van den Bergh, Jaspersoft’s Vice President of Product and Alliances. “The Jaspersoft BI Suite with enhanced ETL capabilities for big data meets that demand by enabling efficient data integration for a faster generation of reports and better decision-making. This wouldn’t be possible without the addition of Talend’s big data integration technology.”

Jaspersoft ETL, Powered by Talend, is a state-of-the-art data integration engine. It allows data to be extracted from various sources, transformed based on defined business rules, and loaded into a centralized data warehouse or data mart. Jaspersoft ETL is based on Talend’s enterprise open source integration technology and is provided under an OEM agreement between Talend and Jaspersoft.