Email advertising software company selects Talend’s big data solutions to streamline migration from MySQL to a Hadoop-based behavioral targeting platform
Los Altos (CA) - January 22, 2013

Talend, a global open source software leader, today announced that ividence, the first standalone acquisition email adexchange, has deployed the Talend Platform for Big Data to address its big data integration and analysis concerns and help scale its business. Using the Talend Platform for Big Data, ividence is able to process and analyze the behavioral data of five million emails sent per day from its email adexchange platform.

Ividence connects advertisers and list owners with an email adexchange platform that uses behavioral targeting to unlock the true potential of email ads. The volume and complexity of behavioral targeting has increased over the past five years, resulting in technical limitations when using traditional relational database technology. For optimal marketing purposes, the analysis and sending of an email ad needs to be conducted in a few seconds, and ividence needs a reliable platform that will provide the right ad to the right people at the right time. While the ability to handle the high volume of emails sent per day is crucial, it is imperative that the platform be able to constantly adapt to support the needs of the business.

“Our rapid growth and large dataset required us to migrate to a big data platform, and we selected HBase and Hadoop for their unlimited scalability. The Talend Platform for Big Data helped us on this journey to Hadoop by providing an equally scalable data migration, synchronization and cleansing solution,” said Eric Didier, CEO and co-founder of ividence. “Talend has proven it can reliably migrate and synchronize large and diverse data sets with Hadoop, with its native big data features including Hadoop code generation and its broad connectivity to enterprise IT platforms.”

The decision to move to a more flexible big data infrastructure was a result of ividence’s need to integrate and analyze more than a terabyte of diverse data and provide analysis in real-time. To perform the transition, ividence selected Talend Platform for Big Data based on Talend’s breadth of big data technologies and available data connectors, as well as its integrated data migration and data quality capabilities.

  • Data Migration and Synchronization – ividence customers were migrated between the two environments (MySQL and Hadoop) to minimize the risk of service disruption. Information was synchronized bi-directionally several times a day for a period of four months before MySQL was taken offline. During this transition, Talend Platform for Big Data controlled the data exchange between MySQL and the Hadoop platform, collecting the live transactions and customer transactions between each system, transforming and loading into each target platform.
  • Data Cleansing – To improve the integrity of the data, information received from publishers is cleansed using Talend Platform for Big Data before it is uploaded into the Hadoop cluster. Postal address validation is applied and the data is enriched with geo-spatial information.

With Talend Platform for Big Data, ividence is able to provide to its clients up to six months of historical data that will significantly improve behavioral targeting results. Instead of taking days to define and index a new query, the task can be completed in minutes. The Talend infrastructure is scalable and addresses ividence’s long-term requirements, while the graphical development environment improves productivity for mapping fields and building transformations between MySQL and Hadoop.

In addition, Ividence is in the process of implementing real-time synchronization of customer data sets to Google BigQuery, leveraging Talend’s native connectivity to Google’s big data platform, to speed query response time and to provide data segmentation to end-users for A/B testing, trending and other forms of analysis.

About ividence

ividence created a disruptive technology that completely transforms the market's traditional practices, bringing to email what is expected in the display and search markets. The 100% automated platform matches offers to records based on bid, performance and end-user behavior, resulting in fewer emails sent, improved ROI for advertisers, and improved revenue for publishers.

ividence has now received a 2011 Red Herring Global Top 100 award and was ranked fifth most innovative startup in the world at Innovate 2010.

Two “serial entrepreneurs” created ividence in 2009. The company has grown rapidly, now employing 25 people, with offices in San Francisco and Paris.