Leading provider of multi-channel content solutions OEMs Talend Enterprise Data Quality to meet customers’ most complex big data quality requirements.
Los Altos (CA) - July 2, 2012

Talend, a global open source software leader, today announced that Enterworks, Inc., a market leader in solutions for managing and transforming a company’s product information into persuasive content for multi-channel sales, is deploying Talend Enterprise Data Quality to help customers cleanse and normalize large volumes of product data. With Talend, Enterworks is creating opportunities for distributors to improve the accuracy and quality of their big data, resulting in better inbound product content from suppliers and richer product content for dealer sales.

The solutions offered by Enterworks help users create and manage their print, Web and mobile catalogs from a single application, providing a central repository of catalog content dynamically created from disparate sources of product data. Enterworks’ customers include some of the world’s largest manufacturers, distributors and retailers of business products, hardlines, electronics, medical products, HVAC/R systems and consumer goods - companies that have complex, ever-changing environments with difficult daily operational challenges. Retailers, for example, get large volumes of product data from many sources spread around the world, in many different languages, in inconsistent formats. Enterworks sought a partner who could provide agile data integration and quality solutions to support disparate data sources. The decision to implement Talend was reached after evaluating several vendors, not only for the technical capabilities of their products but also for their ability to be embedded into third party technology stacks.

“Maintaining a high level of product data quality is a must in today’s multi-channel commerce environment. Our customers rely on accurate and consistent data to improve product information searches, generate more sales, and deliver better customer service,” said Robert Lewis, president of Enterworks. “Talend offers key features that provide our customers access to accurate big data with outstanding connectivity, performance and scalability and therefore help our customers sell more products.”

Talend Enterprise Data Quality is a comprehensive enterprise data quality management solution that delivers not only data profiling and discovery, but also data cleansing, data enrichment, data migration and data synchronization functionality. Talend Enterprise Data Quality is fully integrated with Talend’s other products through the Talend Unified Platform, providing close integration with data integration, master data management, enterprise service bus and business process management.

“For suppliers, distributors and retailers alike, the cost and complexity of maintaining and managing accurate product data can be a challenge,” said Keith Goldstein, vice president of Channels and Alliances at Talend. “As the primary provider of data quality solutions with support for any volume and type, Talend also offers OEM-ready products that can easily be embedded into the technology platforms of our partners, with the highest degree of flexibility and cost-effectiveness.”

About Enterworks, Inc.

Enterworks® Enable software acquires, manages and transforms a company’s product information into persuasive content that drives higher sales and new competitive strengths. By leveraging a company’s products, associated images and videos, brands and other marketing assets, Enterworks Enable delivers powerful selling content accurately and consistently through e-commerce Web, mobile and print channels.

Enterworks customers include some of the world’s largest distributors and wholesalers in business products, electronics, medical supplies, HVAC/R products, hard lines and other industries. These customers use Enterworks Enable to import product information faster, open more selling channels, create regional dealer marketing campaigns, and deliver compelling, customized content to field sales.

Enterworks Enable has become the proven solution for master data management for multi-channel marketing and sales. For more information, visit http://www.enterworks.com.