Oil and gas software provider embeds Talend Enterprise Data Quality for migration and integration of both legacy and new data, connecting its solution with SAP.
Los Altos (CA) - January 9, 2012

Talend, a global open source software leader, today announced that ENSYTE, a provider of oil and gas software solutions, is saving dramatic time in IT resources by using Talend Enterprise Data Quality for a critical initiative that involves the migration of multiple data sources into the repository of its solutions.

For more than 30 years, ENSYTE has been providing energy firms with the essential software applications needed for managing the oil and gas supply chain. ENSYTE developed its natural gas software solution, GASTAR, specifically to address the needs of the natural gas market. The product manages transactions along the entire natural gas supply chain, giving clients the power to leverage data across the organization into one streamlined business process.

During a recent GASTAR implementation, an ENSYTE client required storage of critical data of several thousand wells that had been acquired during the purchase of a subsidiary. The information resided in various data sources including a legacy CheckFile system, Excel and Access databases and a risk management component to the system.

ENSYTE partnered with Open Source Business Consulting (OSBC) to evaluate several options for the project, ultimately selecting Talend for the project due to previous success during other client implementations. With an aggressive timeline to migrate multiple data sources into a single repository, Talend Enterprise Data Quality was able to save the ENSYTE team weeks of manual data migration to make the GASTAR product as effective as possible.

“With Talend’s ability to drag and drop new data sources for migration, we were able to shave weeks or even months off the time we needed to complete the migration project,” said Michael Smith, President of ENSYTE. “The Talend Enterprise Data Quality product helped us complete the project effectively and efficiently.”

Talend was also leveraged for the second phase of the project, which was to build an integration path between SAP ERP and SAP CMS components into GASTAR. With the implementation of Talend Enterprise Data Quality, users are able to look at the data they need to make strategic business decisions at any given time.

“Before Talend, this type of integration with SAP ERP and SAP CMS would have taken months at a big cost,” said Kirk Ritchey, president at OSBC. “We are still finding new and innovative ways of leveraging Talend to deliver value-added services for our clients.”

“Migrating legacy data is a key issue for software providers, and it is vital that these projects are completed effectively and efficiently from both a time and cost perspective,” said Keith Goldstein, Vice President of Alliances & Indirect Channels at Talend. “Talend’s ability to save the ENSYTE team weeks of manual data migration is what makes it truly valuable. And being able to add additional savings to the second phase of data integration from the same product is exactly why companies like ENSYTE choose Talend to power their software solutions.”