The CPS implemented Talend’s open source data integration solution to industrialize and speed up its BI processing, while improving the quality of the information analyzed
Suresnes (France) - October 30, 2012

Talend, a global leader in open source solutions, announced today that the Caisse de Prévoyance Sociale of French Polynesia (CPS), the social security and retirement fund of French Polynesia, uses Talend Enterprise Data Integration to update its BI computing, while improving its analysis capacity and the management of decision makers as well as the quality of the information processed.  This new business intelligence strategy for the CPS was focused on the implementation of a data warehouse decreasing the information processing time, automating manual processes carried out by internal control and the statistics department, and improving the overall quality of the information analyzed.

With the significant surge in social and health care expenditures, particularly due to demographic development and the current economic crisis (job losses decreasing revenue), the CPS wanted to update its data integration approach by replacing its former data center with a data warehouse loaded using the Talend solution. In concrete terms, the CPS made its budget delivery lead time three times faster. In addition, it now offers different specific business line views through different lines of analysis and with the prior establishment of an integrated and cross-sectional view of the information.

Talend Enterprise Data Integration to industrialize BI processing

A pilot project regarding the health care expenses for Health Insurance (Assurance Maladie - AM) was first implemented in order to lay the foundations of the new BI architecture. The implementation costs are borne by the pilot project and the mechanisms implemented are then shared and reused for other areas.  The BI architecture designed by the IT department of the CPS was based on the implementation of a data integration solution for the automatic extraction and loading of data from the data warehouse, in addition to the design and development of a data warehouse and various data marts, and the deployment of one or more recovery tools.

Given the success of the pilot project, the CPS decided to purchase the enterprise version of Talend Enterprise Data Integration, mainly due to the collaborative features (shared repository).

“We are currently creating reports in Business Objects, with twenty lines of analysis on health refunds which were paid in recent years (private medicine, pharmacy, laboratories, physiotherapy, nursing, clinics and hospitals),” explains Lionel Mazza, Manager of IT Studies at the CPS.  “Thanks to Talend, we have gone from a third normal form Cobol base to a star scheme data mart model, after cleaning, reorganizing and loading twenty million lines into Talend that made up our old scripts.  Talend has allowed us to industrialize all ETL processing, speed up the information processing time and guarantee data quality.”

Meanwhile, the Talend solution is used in the preparation of a general social welfare budget: from the Health Insurance data mart, many statistics can be automatically expanded, for example, generic pharmacy expenditures, the evolution of disease-related expenditures (diabetes, cancer, etc.), the cost of long-term illnesses or occupational accidents, the most refunded medication, the RIAP (individual activity and prescription record) of doctors, etc.  As for contributions, the CPS is able to know the volume of contribution emissions for a given sector (hotel industry for example) or for an employer, and it can explain any potential variations.

About Caisse de Prévoyance Sociale [Social Welfare Fund]

Founded in September 1956, the Caisse de Prévoyance Sociale [Social Welfare Fund]  or CPS – a private institution dedicated to public service, with its own legal personality and financial independence – carries out contribution collection throughout all of French Polynesia for the Employee Scheme (RGS) and the Non-Employee Scheme (RNS), as well as the payment of various benefits for the different social security schemes (RGS, RNS, Social Solidarity Plan, etc.): occupational accidents and professional diseases, health and disability insurance, pensions, and family and social benefits.  The CPS staff is made up of 477 employees, of which 90% work out of the headquarters in Tahiti and 10% work in the 11 branches in French Polynesia and 2 international branches (France and New Zealand).