Fortune favours the prepared

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Pandemics, wars, the Great Resignation...doing business has become more complicated than ever. The No. 1 thing companies say they need to survive is to become data driven. It’s a great goal, but what does that really look like in action? Our opening keynote answers that question and more by outlining the three things you MUST have for your business to become truly, sustainably data driven. You’ll also get insights about how companies are making the change today from analyst and "CIO In the Know" host Tim Crawford, as well as Talend customers like eBay and financial services provider Harmoney. 

Watch this session to learn:

  • Why data management is the right investment to see you through turbulent economic times
  • The three things you must achieve to be data driven
  • How other companies are successfully making this shift

Headshot of Christal Bemont, CEO at Talend

Christal Bemont



Headshot of Tim Crawford, CIO Strategic Advisor at AVOA

Tim Crawford

CIO Strategic Advisor


Headshot of Andrew Bates, CTO at Harmoney Ltd.

Andrew Bates


Harmoney Ltd.

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