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TBK: Episode 1

We all know that getting your executive team to make more data-driven decisions is important. But according to Scott Holden, CMO of ThoughtSpot, it isn’t enough. At ThoughtSpot, Scott is focused on helping entire organizations become data-driven, from top to bottom. In this episode, he discusses how he’s doing this, how he thinks about decision-making in general, and much more.

Headshot of Scott Holden, CMO at ThoughtSpot

About the guest

Scott Holden is the CMO at ThoughtSpot, where he is responsible for product marketing, demand generation, content marketing, PR, AR, and events. Prior to ThoughtSpot, Scott spent seven years at Salesforce running a number of marketing teams, including leading marketing for the Salesforce1 Platform, Sales Cloud, Chatter, Industry Marketing, Customer Marketing, and SMB Marketing.


“Everything that I look at in my world comes through an analytical lens, and the power of that is that you can merge lots of different datasets together and get a more cohesive view.”

“You can start out small and have a little win and then keep going.”

“The power of the modern data stack is I don’t have a data analyst on my team. We all are able to bring up data sources like a data engineer.”


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