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TBK: Episode 15

This episode features an interview with Unmesh Srivastava, Chief Technology Officer for P3 Health Partners.P3 Health Partners is a patient-centric, physician-led company dedicated to improving the way care is provided. We talk with Unmesh about how data can be used to predict medical issues, remote patient monitoring, value-based care, and his personal reason for going into medical tech.

Headshot of Unmesh Srivastava, CTO of P3 Health Partners

About the guest

Unmesh Srivastava is currently serving as a CTO (Chief Technology Officer) at P3 Health Partners. Unmesh fosters the company with innovative, data-driven automation and technological solutions. He has a bachelor’s degree in engineering from the University of Rajasthan in India and a Master of Science degree from California State University at Northridge.


“We work to deliver value-based care. And I think there is no other way than having slick data in your ecosystem that can drive that. You need to touch all these data points to identify physician performance, patient satisfaction, the quality of care, the cost of care... and if that’s how you’re going to pay the healthcare system and provide great care, then it has to be data driven.”

“Data changes behavior. If you have the right data to see what might play out in the future, you will definitely change those actions to change that future. A lot of times we don’t see that future, and that’s why we don’t change our actions today. I think data is the only way that you can do that.”

“What is important? I think we all forget we are here for a finite time period, and you have to have a mission that’s bigger than you and bigger than finances and other things.”


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