A game changer for standard of care

TBK: Episode 5

Everyone’s lives are changing because of COVID-19, but women who are pregnant have a higher risk of getting sick or having a problem with their pregnancy if they were to test positive for the virus. Luckily for them, Ann Holder and her team at Odonata Health are working hard to make sure they remain safe.


“I was talking to an OB-GYN who was telling me that the number of non-stress tests for high-risk patients has gone down considerably but the number of stillbirths have gone up considerably with COVID. So we had to make a pretty significant change in our strategy.”

“I’m really happy with what I’m doing. It’s been incredibly fulfilling and I talked to a lot of people who are really weighing the pros and cons of being an entrepreneur or a first-time CEO. My advice is just to have confidence in taking a risk, because quite honestly, if you don’t, you’re always going to second-guess yourself.”


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