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TBK: Episode 3

Kraig Swensrud, the founder of, joins Lauren to discuss the importance of marketing analytics, measuring everything, and much more.

Headshot of Kraig Swensrud, founder of

About the guest

Kraig is an entrepreneur and product and marketing executive with a track record of success in leading high-growth internet/software companies. He is the Founder of, Founder of GetFeedback (acquired by SurveyMonkey), Former CMO of Salesforce, and Founder of Kieden (acquired by Salesforce).


“So the conundrum that I faced was like, ‘I’m in my dream job as the COO of Salesforce, but yet I have this desire to start another company, and I have a passion in another area.’ So, in a nutshell, that was that — that was the decision that I was staring down in 2012.”

“Option three was to accelerate into the chaos. Do the opposite of what felt totally normal, which was, to put your foot on the gas and put the pedal to the floor because maybe this is an accelerant for your business. Like it is for zoom. Like it is for Slack. Maybe this is an accelerant for your business.”

“You just have to be super driven. You have to be super excited about what you’re working on. Even in the lows of the lows, you have to be super excited about it. It’s for that reason, it’s not for, for everybody, but stick with it. That’s my advice.”


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