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TBK: Season 2 trailer

A brand-new season of Truth Be Known is coming. Talend is excited to bring you insights from top data leaders about how they make hard decisions on tight deadlines and with imperfect information.

Lyssa Myska Allen: “No longer are we looking for where’s our data or what’s our data. We’re trying to figure out what in the world to do with this data.”

Randy Bean: “We’re really at the beginnings in many respects of the data revolution.”

Alana Winter: “We’ll never have all the data and we’ll never have all the information. Make your best guess based on what you have.”

We’re also welcoming a new host, Rob Norman, Head of EMEA Marketing at Talend. He’ll be talking with some of the brightest minds in data, including CDOs at some of the top technology companies in the world. They’ll explore the pivotal decisions they’ve made while leading data-first organizations, the lessons they’ve learned, and how they seek truth in an uncertain world.

Headshot of Rob Norman, Head of EMEA Marketing at Talend

About the host

Rob Norman is Head of EMEA Marketing at Talend. An experienced tech marketing executive, he has a passion for designing and executing marketing strategies that drive sales pipeline and revenue. He has a strong track record of partnering closely with sales and global marketing teams to deliver tailored, integrated marketing programs targeting everything from SMBs to strategic accounts.

Join us for another round of diving deep into data and how it’s shaping the modern world. Welcome to Truth Be Known, Season 2.

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