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TBK: Episode 35

This episode features an interview with Nasim Khoshkhou, SVP of Analytics and Data at Synchrony, a premier financial services company with one of the industry’s most complete digitally enabled product suites.

At Synchrony, Nasim is responsible for driving data-driven decision making across the organisation as well as leading both the analytics team as well as the business insights and solutions team. Prior to Synchrony, Nasim spent 12 years at Argus Information and Advisory Services where she started as an Analyst and worked up to become President of Argus Portfolio Management.

In this episode, Nasim discusses her top three priorities as a data leader, personalising the user experience through data and AI, and how to be a strategic partner to the business so that you’re delivering more than just the baseline.

Headshot of Nasim Khoshkhou, Senior Vice President of Analytics & Data at Synchrony

About the guest

Nasim Khoshkhou is Senior Vice President of Analytics and Data at Synchrony. In this role, she is responsible for driving data-driven decision making across the enterprise. She leads the entire analytics function at Synchrony, supporting all credit platforms, clients, customers, and bank-branded products.


”AI has been used heavily in a number of use cases around credit and fraud. And there’s always a trade off and an analysis that has to be done, which is how much incremental benefit does it bring to a particular use case, versus the complexity. But more and more because customer interactions are digital and they’re more in real time, we can use tools and partnerships that we have in the digital space that enable us to customise to the particular user. What is the most effective, for example, banner ad that they should see? And so, those kinds of things are a really effective use of AI because you absolutely would not be able to, as a human, react quickly enough to interfere with that.”

”Curiosity and creative thinking about how we can apply solutions is really beneficial to delivering more than baseline. Because we don’t want to just deliver baseline. We want to deliver something that’s helping the business leaders to look around the corner at the next problem.”

”One of the things that’s really important for me as a leader is listening. Sometimes it’s about listening to your team. Sometimes it’s about listening to the client. It internally helps to make sure that we’re not making decisions in a silo, or just based on our first instinct of what we think is the right action or right next step. So I think that’s really important for leaders.”

Time Stamps

[2:00] How did Nasim first get involved in data and analytics?
[2:51] How is Synchrony a data-driven organisation?
[3:45] What skills does Nasim look for when hiring for her team?
[5:18] How does Nasim’s analytics team act as a business enabler?
[9:29] On the road to becoming data-driven, how does Nasim handle change management?
[13:42] How does Nasim’s team leverage AI in her work?
[17:50] What was the most difficult decision Nasim has ever made in her career?
[20:57] How does Nasim measure success?
[23:23] What resources does Nasim use to stay on top of her game?


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