Data integration

Learn how to keep your company’s data accessible, relevant, and timely

Data lakes

Give your company a single source of truth for all data-driven decisions. Learn how to build a data lake that will serve every team, department, and project.

What is a data lake?

Data warehouses

When you need a structured repository for a dedicated project or team, you need a data warehouse. Catch up on the latest technology and best practises.

What is a data warehouse?

Big data

Solving data problems at scale calls for a very different approach. Find out how new strategies and technologies can help your company’s big data projects.

What is big data?

Data engineering

Technology is only half the data equation. Learn about the processes and infrastructure that can help your data and IT experts stay as effective as possible.

What is data engineering?


From complex transformations on small datasets to managing vast repositories of structured and unstructured data, catch up on trends in extraction, loading, and transforming data.

What is ETL vs ELT?

Talend Open Studio tutorials

Talend Open Studio gets you building basic data pipelines in no time. Learn how to execute simple ETL and data integration tasks from a locally installed open-source environment.

How to Get Started with Talend Open Studio