AWS Cloud Integration

Harness the benefits of a mature and feature-rich cloud provider.

Automate data loading

Let us worry about loading your data into your data lake and data warehouse so you have more time to derive valuable insight.

Build a useful governed data lake

Connect to virtually any data source with Talend’s 900 connectors. Track incoming data to ensure the business has data that is both trusted and accessible.

Maximize innovation while minimizing time to upskill

Talend’s flexible architecture allows for quick integration with the newest technologies, from serverless to real-time data processing. This gives your team the ability to stay ahead of the curve without needing to learn a new tool.

Enhance performance and security with a remote engine

Deploy the remote engine to run integration tasks natively with your AWS account — completely within your environment — from cloud to cloud, on-premises to cloud, or cloud to on-premises.

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