Offers a Low-Cost, Fast and Risk-Free Way to Upgrade from Legacy Integration Solutions
Redwood City, CA - 2015年4月9日

“The market needs for data integration have changed dramatically over the past five years and continue to evolve today with the broad adoption of Apache Hadoop and the redefinition of the entire data management stack,” said Ashley Stirrup, chief marketing officer, Talend. “Companies today are all looking to become data-driven, but many are trapped by the limited functionality of proprietary tools and legacy vendors that can’t keep up with the rapid pace of change. Simply put, our Fast Forward Program provides companies a risk-free escape route.”

Companies making the transition to Talend can immediately benefit from the full capabilities of a unified platform that simplifies the development process and offers powerful capabilities for Data and Application Integration, Master Data Management, Data Quality and more. Once migrated over to Talend, leveraging the full power of Hadoop becomes a simple drag-and-drop process that enables customers to embrace the latest big data innovations and easily address both real-time and batch integration scenarios.

The Fast Forward Program includes:

- A comprehensive review of existing integration jobs and a determination of consolidation opportunities for conversion to Talend;

- Execution of the conversion process on sample integration jobs to prove the conversion process and determine the effort required to fully migrate all integration jobs;

- Development of a detailed deployment plan to convert all integration jobs to Talend;

- Definition of an education plan to ensure users receive proper and timely training to support use and administration of the new environment; and

- Customized support to build the business plan and outline expected return on investment for making the switch to Talend

Talend integration solutions are used in every industry and by many large public sector organizations. Talend has over 1,700 customers, including two major credit card companies, five of the top 10 U.S. banks, two of the top five U.S. retailers and three of the largest media companies in the world. As recently announced, Talend is experiencing rapid growth, with sales in the first quarter increasing by 78 percent as compared to the same period last year.