European leader in SaaS financial CRM develops value-added analytical services to help companies better understand and manage customer payment behaviors
REDWOOD CITY, Calif. - 2016年6月2日

Talend, a global leader in big data and cloud integration solutions, today announced that Sidetrade, a European leader for customer financial management in the Cloud, is using Talend Data Fabric to offer its customers a new predictive analysis platform for inter-company payments, called Sidetrade Payment Intelligence (SPi). As well as opening up access to Hadoop technologies for cost effective data storage and fast data processing into Sidetrade’s Cloud, Talend is helping ensure the quality of the data being used for analysis.

"The financial sector today is benefiting from the use of big data in multiple areas of its business, including customer knowledge, calculating credit risk, compliance and new product development,” said François Mero, senior vice president of sales, EMEA, Talend. “We are delighted to be contributing to Sidetrade’s solution and helping to ensure the fast and efficient connection, cleansing, and integration of batch and real-time data.”

Sidetrade’s intention with this new offering is to create an all-in-one solution that anticipates payment behavior in order to simplify the picture for managers and enable them to succeed with their digital transformation. This is a major innovation that will contribute to improving financial and commercial efficiency, while providing financial departments with real-time control over the business and income opportunities.

“With Sidetrade Payment Intelligence, Sidetrade is the only developer on the market to be offering this kind of high added value predictive analysis solution for customer relations support. Financial departments can compare performance on payment times, allowed or experienced, on the basis of data analysis rather than intuition. This new service is offered free of charge to all of our customers, helping them to anticipate and optimize working capital and therefore generate operating cash flow,” explains Olivier Novasque, CEO, Sidetrade.

Based on an analysis of 330 billion euros worth of transactions over the past three years, representing 100 million inter-company payment experiences, Sidetrade’s data scientists have designed powerful algorithms using ‘Machine Learning’ techniques to enable predictive analysis of payment behavior for several million companies.

"We needed a massively parallel processor array (MPPA) based on Hadoop for anonymized processing of the terabytes of data for the millions of payment experiences saved in our Cloud. But Hadoop skills are rare and difficult to find," said Christophe Migliorini, CTO, Sidetrade. "So to simplify adoption of Hadoop, Talend’s solution was perfect for our needs. It generates native Hadoop code, without using proprietary components, meaning that the solution is compatible with all of our relational databases, and is quick to integrate."

As a result of the success of the initial Talend implementation, Sidetrade has formed a strategic partnership with Talend in order to create and operate a Lambda-type architecture, capitalizing on Hadoop and combining batch processing with real-time streaming. In this environment, Talend Real-Time Big Data enables statistical, anonymized and historical analysis of Sidetrade Cloud data. 

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