The Definitive Guide to Data Integration

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The world has realised that data drives competitive advantage in every business. Deriving business intelligence from data — and then using those insights to inform strategy — not only is critical for staying ahead in today's hypercompetitive business environment but is also the key to harnessing enterprise digital transformation. According to the McKinsey Global Institute, being a truly data-driven company results in:

  • a 23x greater likelihood of customer acquisition
  • six times greater likelihood of customer retention
  • a 19x greater likelihood of above-average profitability

Data Integration Underpins Your Digital Transformation Strategy
Data integration is a cornerstone of business strategy. It is commonly thought of as just a technical process. But integration can easily become the main bottleneck to get to the insights, especially when data has to get to and from cloud platforms and cloud applications. Instead of seeing data integration as a technical problem, it's time to think about it in terms of a business strategy — one that is increasingly important to your company's digital transformation.

Data Management is a Critical Capability for Your Business
Businesses skilled in data management — who have been able to derive accurate insights from quality data — have become adept at making their data infrastructure available to those who need it, easy to use and maintain, and agile. Their data management strategies are cloud-first and built on data professionals self-serving quality data throughout the enterprise, so data can truly serve as the lifeblood of the company.

The Definitive Guide to Data Integration takes an in-depth look at the changes and challenges associated with data integration and provides practical steps to developing your data integration strategy.

Download the Definitive Guide to learn:

  • How to select data integration tools
  • How to organise your data team to get the most out of your data investments
  • How cloud technology is transforming economics and operations of data integration – and how you can use cloud for a competitive advantage
  • Real-world case studies of companies that were able to use data integration to complete their digital transformation initiatives

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