How to Modernise Your Cloud Platform for Big Data Analytics With Talend and Microsoft Azure

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As businesses grow, they generate enormous amounts of data. Enterprises have realised that leveraging their data to make data-driven decisions is critical to innovation and staying ahead of their competition. But often organisations are not able to efficiently integrate and process enterprise data for fast analytics, due to reliance on legacy ETL solutions and data silos.

To solve this problem, companies are adopting cloud providers like Microsoft Azure to modernise their IT infrastructure. To get the most out of their Microsoft Azure investment, however, these organisations need a data integration provider like Talend to seamlessly integrate with their Azure cloud storage and SQL data warehouses.

Download the Cloud Architect’s Handbook to learn:

  • How to leverage a cloud data warehouse to deliver real-time tracking services
  • How to use Microsoft Azure and Talend together to optimise social media for GDPR-compliant marketing campaigns
  • Real-life case studies of organisations using Microsoft Azure and Talend together to successfully deliver big data analytics

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