„The right of access is one of the rights guaranteed to everyone under the General Data Protection Regulation. With Talend Data Catalog, what used to take 30 days, searching information on the right to access data, now takes just five days.“

Thomas Elm, Data Protection Officer

50 million customers

300 gigabytes per day

From 30 days to just five days

searching information on the right to access data

A 12 percent increase

in satisfaction of Elite customers

Using customer data responsibly

Accor has redefined its core business around the idea of „Enhanced Hospitality,“ with tailor-made services to anticipate the slightest wishes of its guests and make them experience moments of emotion. But this personalization requires responsibility with data.

The protection of personal data is everyone’s business. Accor has turned data governance into a priority for all of its 280,000 talents. With Talend, Accor has also created a framework of trust around data. Now the right of access to personal information under the GDPR has gone from the legal time limit of 30 days, to just five days.

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