Gain a competitive advantage in the new era of automotive with modern data ecosystems

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As data is created everywhere across the automotive product life cycle, leveraging data assets becomes the main differentiator for business success. But simply tapping into the data throughout your organisation will not be enough to create new business models and boost innovation in the automotive sector.

In this whitepaper, we will discuss a governed approach to data collaboration that leverages Snowflake’s seamless data sharing capabilities, Talend’s data integration and governance capabilities, and Capgemini’s data ecosystems services.

Areas that can benefit from shared data ecosystems range from R&D, to smart manufacturing and sustainable supply chain, to customer centricity and shared mobility.

Ultimately, automotive market participants will need to act fast and increase their data collaboration or risk falling behind those who already aggressively leverage data across organisational boundaries to their competitive advantage, with the potential to disrupt the industry. Find out more about the steps to modernise your data ecosystem by downloading our whitepaper.

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