« Talend is business critical to The University. It touches every part of our student experience and our research costing and management system, which is integral to income generation. »

Richard James, Systems Architect, Newcastle University

Tens of thousands students

accessing University services 24/7

£100 million a year through research

integral to income generation

BI Analytics

on The University’s teaching and learning systems

Increasing efficiency and agility for improved learning and research

Newcastle University, UK, is a thriving international community of about 27,750 students from over 130 countries worldwide. In higher education, the battle to attract the most talented students is more intense than ever. In addition, these digitally savvy students are demanding greater access to mobile and cloud-based applications. With Talend API-driven platform, tens of thousands of students per day, 24/7, utilize web services to get information from The University through their mobile application or PCs.

The integration of The University’s new research costing and management system is also an API-driven development that was politically sensitive and of great importance since The University generates over £100 million a year through research, so this solution is also integral to income generation.

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Data Services Platform

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