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Talend is business critical to The University. It touches every part of our student experience and our research costing and management system, which is integral to income generation.

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Meet student expectations and live up to reputation as a world-class teaching ad research institution

Tens of thousands students

supported by University services, 24/7

£100 million a year in research

protected by better data infrastructure

User touchpoint analytics

integrated into the University's BI tool

Newcastle University, UK, is ranked among the world’s best universities and is in the top 10 in Europe for teaching excellence. Like other institutions of higher education, Newcastle University finds itself in a constant state of change as it strives to retain its status as a world-class teaching and research institution and meet high student expectations.

“We needed to provide new and innovative digital experiences for our students, faculty, administrators, and other stakeholders,” says John Donaldson, the University’s Integration Services Manager.

Donaldson and his team wanted to improve the efficiency of their data integration services. “The sheer amount of applications and data in use or needed at Newcastle University meant IT could no longer spend its time doing endless custom point-to-point integrations. We were looking for a new way to unlock the value of the data inside various departmental silos to make it freely available to everyone who needs it.”

Talend API-based integration helped the University successfully transition to its new virtual online learning environment. Students can go and get assignments and resources, watch lectures, turn in assignments, and more. For career services, students can find and apply online to jobs that match their skills. The University sends data via API integration to a number of external parties to help students prepare for their professional careers.

Donaldson considers the University’s investment in Talend a sound one that has stood the test of time and enabled the organisation to move further along in data integration and API-driven connectivity services than others. “As other universities and organisations that continue to use point-to-point integration have asked for our advice, I have realised how far we’ve come in our approach,” Donaldson says.